6 reasons why backpacks make the best nappy bags

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Nappy bag is every parent's lifeline and personal organizer, so that's why it is super important to find the right one for you.

These days there are so many options on the market, but I'm glad they invented nappy backpacks- the most stylish and practical bags you'll ever find.

Here's 6 reasons why:

1)Style & Design

This good looking Oxford style nappy backpack looks nothing like your ordinary old school maternity bags. They are also unisex- dads will be happy to wear them too!

2)Size & Capacity

Once you start packing your baby bag with one million items you'll be surprised how lightweight backapck is! And yes, they have plenty compartments and pockets inside for all your baby needs (including insulated pockets!).


Easy Baby nappy backpack comes with a bottle warmer and phone charger!So you don't have to worry about cold milk or dying phone anymore, wow!


Easy Baby nappy backpack comes with 2 velcro straps, so you can easily attach it to your pram or stroller. How good does it feel to be hands free!

It also comes with a luggage strap on the back, so you can attach it to your luggage when travelling.


Easy Baby backpack has ergonomic shoulder straps and back for your better posture and comfort

6) Material & Durability

All Easy Baby nappy backpacks are very easy to clean - you can just wipe them with a cloth! They are also 100% waterproof so you can be sure all your stuff is safe and dry even when it's raining!

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