Why being outside is important for babies

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A relationship between human beings and natural environment is an ongoing exchange and it is inevitable. This is why being outside can affect our mood, help us to cope with stress and overall just make us feel better. Breathing in fresh air, soaking up sun and enjoying the sounds of nature helps us to feel happier and more connected to nature.

Babies and infants benefit from being outside as much as older kids or adults. Babies can't speak, but they learn about the world using human's five basic senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. When babies are outside they are mesmerised by the movement and sounds of the nature. The sound of the wind dancing through the treetops, ocean waves, birds singing their songs, the sensation of wind on the skin, the smell of the flowers in the garden, the lights and colours of the nature- this is just a small part of what your baby will experience outside.

Easy Baby 2-in-1 diaper bag & bassinet is perfect for your outside walks with a baby- it's the only bag that turns into a bassinet. You can just unfold it on the grass whenever your little one needs a snooze. Now you both can enjoy picnics in the park and listen to the sounds of nature. And don't worry about the sun as Easy Baby bag comes with a sunshade cloth that will protect your baby's skin from the damaging effects of UV rays.

The other good thing is that Easy Baby bag & bassinet has a USB port so you can always stay connected, which means you can enjoy outside time for longer.

 Good parents deserve good nappy bags!

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